A Message from Sea Turtle

This is Sea Turtle. While you humans are ingenious and creative, you don’t always see the big picture. Here is what you are missing…

Ah, my friend. I am your friend from the sea. I let you know that in the Hawaiian Bay, when no one but you really were there to connect that day. Oh, others “saw” us, but we saw you. We recognized a human soul who has the old ways inside her, even if she doesn’t understand it all, yet.

We will continue to teach you, if you’ll let us, and we will continue to protect your soul from those who mean it harm. To those who, from their own fears, conditioning, and inability to see, cannot dwell in another’s beauty. And not all can see ours, either. We are slow and when outside our element, pretty awkward. And we do things the hard way—or so it seems—beginning our lives with the greatest challenge—to get where we belong. But that journey gives us strength. It strengthens body, mind, and spirit, and is necessary to build the gentleness, compassion, and all else that makes up who we are. But, get us in our element and we fly—in our own way.

You love swimming and snorkeling. Do you think that is an accident? No. It is so you can experience the peace of no humans. Like we can, unless we choose to connect to an animistic soul who enters our world for a minute. Not all “divers” are there for pure reasons. The pure ones enter to experience the beauty and leave no trace except for the good feelings they send from their heart into the waters. Remember the oceans as you focus on the earth. You are at home in both places.

The three message posts, like this one here, are written as the words came to me, unedited, with any clarifications in brackets [ ]. Some of it is pretty personal, but I wanted to share it. Because it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And some of it may not make sense for those who haven’t lived my thoughts and experiences. But maybe there is a message here for you, too, if not just to try this exercise for yourself.

For the backstory of this message, see this post.

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