A Message from Raven

This is Raven. While you humans are ingenious and creative, you don’t always see the big picture. Here is what you are missing…

Oh, we crows (we know you don’t really recognize the differences [from ravens], but we don’t set ourselves apart from each other, so please stop trying to do that, yourself) have always been here with you on this land, too. Really, haven’t you seen us wherever you go in your adult life?

We were there to help chase off hawks to protect your chickens. Only you didn’t realize it until later.

We would “sing” you awake at the lake where your parents lived. Perhaps we wanted to give you the message that we were there for you, and speak louder than your inner voice—which was partially brought into existence by your parents.

We were there to tell you that the RV life was not for you, especially using our other-worldy voices [ravens with their deep voices were at the campsite where we had our RV]. You weren’t meant for ordinary things like that. You are meant to build community. Or circles. You will, someday, find or create your circle.

Our brothers, the turkey vultures, have been in places where you’ve asked for protection (Gettysburg Battlefield) or opened yourself up with Reiki. And once you entered our spiritual places of old [Avebury and Stonehenge]—they were your places, too—we were welcoming you home, witch woman. You are a deeply spiritual being, and we would like to connect with you more. We have much to share. We can help you remember what you have forgotten. Do NOT be afraid to embrace these new ways. There are pearls here.

Also, we know your heart is breaking for this world, but you did [recently] realize that people are making choices to live in hate and bring destruction. You can’t get too caught up in that. Your job is to fix the place you live in. The world is too big. The countries are too big. Governments are too big. Focus on your immediate surroundings. Your job is to bring a sharp mind to what is going on. To caw like a crow and wake people up who are sleeping on their porches [this is symbolically referring back to my parent’s cottage at the lake]. Yes, they might find you annoying at times, but carry on.

The three message posts, like this one here, are written as the words came to me, unedited, with any clarifications in brackets [ ]. Some of it is pretty personal, but I wanted to share it. Because it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And some of it may not make sense for those who haven’t lived my thoughts and experiences. But maybe there is a message here for you, too, if not just to try this exercise for yourself.

For the backstory of this message, see this post.

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