A Message from Pileated Woodpecker

This is Pileated Woodpecker. While you humans are ingenious and creative, you don’t always see the big picture. Here is what you are missing…

As you know, I am a shy bird. A recluse. And yet, I was here to welcome you onto this land. Because you were meant to be here. You had things to learn—mostly, to return to yourself.

Even thought you worked the land, you didn’t need to. As you realize, now, that was not sustainable. You humans need to do things smaller. See how you can fit into what already exists—what nature already has here for you. Your ways can help the land, but only when you work with it. You realize that now. And, yet, you still envision how it could be. You embrace more of the wildness than most people, but you still don’t see the real beauty of letting things be.

Your garden could just be what is outside your door instead of you needing to “manage” it. You’ve realized you must have been a forager, based on your energy levels. Managing nature is exhausting and futile. This next part of your life is looking more closely around you. Observe. Reflect. Discover. Just as I know which trees hold my food based on signs, you can know this, too. Learn to recognize the medicine—what will heal you and what will feed you.

Also, I know you were sad when one of us flew though your man-made screens [note, the woodpecker died]—not knowing that we weren’t just flying through the air. That was a message. Humans have created their own abodes without thought of how they impact and affect their fur and feathered kin. We have to learn how to live around you instead of with you. Do you really want that? How can you nurture us in this next phase of your life?

The three message posts, like this one here, are written as the words came to me, unedited, with any clarifications in brackets [ ]. Some of it is pretty personal, but I wanted to share it. Because it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And some of it may not make sense for those who haven’t lived my thoughts and experiences. But maybe there is a message here for you, too, if not just to try this exercise for yourself.

For the backstory of this message, see this post.

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