Human Magic

Try this on:

I am magical.
You are magical.
We all are magical.

How did that feel?

Now, try this on:

I am magic.
You are magic.
We all are magic.

Did that feel different?

To me, the first one is a state of being, and the second one is a state of doing. Let’s explore that in story.

Story #1:

A little child comes into this world. They are taking in everything. It’s all new. They are walking in magic, taking in all the wonder. And, as they are figuring out the world, they are also reacting with pure emotion. They aren’t worrying about what other people think of them. They are being their pure, magical selves.

I have little grandchildren, and they are helping me to remember the magic!

Story #2:

A little child walks into a restroom. They stick their hand under the faucet and the water runs. They stick their hand under the soap dispenser and it squirts a dollop of soap into their hands. They pull their hands out from under the faucet when finished and the water stops. Then they stick their hand under the dryer and it starts blowing warm air to dry them. They turn to their mother with wide-eyed wonder and say, in awe, “this place is magic!”

I actually witnessed this story in a public restroom. It has stuck with me, since.

We all come into this world as magical beings. Pure, unadulterated, little humans. And then, as we grow, we are the magicians. Someone created magic for that little child who walked into the restroom through the world of automation. Some of us can string together sounds to make songs. Some of us can put lines on paper to create drawings. Some of us can use our words to lift others’ spirits. Some of us can help people heal, both physically and mentally. And that is only a taste of our human magic.

We are all magical, you and I. And we all have the power to create magic.

Remember that.

Child image by Anja from Pixabay

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