The Herbal Astrology Oracle

This Mother’s Day, my daughter blessed me with The Herbal Astrology Oracle. I had seen this deck come across as an Amazon suggestion, and it looked like it would be pretty, but I thought, “I have a problem with buying too many decks and I don’t really know astrology, anyway.” So, I didn’t look too closely, to keep from being tempted. I know myself, I do. Apparently, so does my daughter.

Turns out, the astrology in this deck is planetary, not what we know of as the zodiac signs, like Gemini (that’s my sun sign). I like that because it makes sense to me that the planets can have a pull on us and the plants, just as the moon does. I find astrology interesting, but I have absolutely no desire to learn it. It’s very complicated. So, just learning a bit about the planets’ energies is enough. I can take in some astrology by osmosis as I focus on the plants.

The artwork in this deck just blows me away. I adore it. And it is like the art in some tarot decks, with layered meaning on the card. That always gets my imagination going. And my intuition.

This deck also includes plants from other parts of the world. Plants I had never heard of, or have heard of but never studied. The author of the deck was born and raised in Costa Rica. She now lives in New York. And, the most interesting thing about that is that she is an herbalist and started a company called Anima Mundi. I buy her products! I like supporting her business because Anima Mundi is a BIPOC company (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).

So, right now, I could call getting this deck a coincidence. But, no. I call it magical. Because that’s how I see coincidences these days. As magical moments in a sometimes difficult life here on planet earth.

You can find this deck on Amazon, as mentioned before, but you can also find it on the Anima Mundi website. I think that’s a better place to buy it, now that you know. You can also read more about the deck on her site. For instance, did you know that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, classified diseases by their astrological influences? No? Neither did I.

I really like that there is a turning towards the older ways. And that, too, feels magical because I felt called to this path, starting with my herbal studies. And then, as I learn more about these older ways, I find that I have picked up things here and there that spoke to me (lots of times, books), only to be learning that they fall into these nature-based ways of being.

One of the nicest surprises of this deck was the inside cover. It says “You are the Medicine.” Yes, you are. And so am I. Let’s all be the medicine this hurting world needs.

You are the Medicine

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