Permaculture Resources

If you’d like to learn more about permaculture, here is a list of books, videos, and websites to help you along your journey.


Forums – the home page is beautiful and the forum is rather rough-looking, but it is searchable and there is great info in it. You need to register to post, but you will get a monthly email.


These are the books I have in my library.


YouTube is full of permaculture videos. Just google a topic! There are farms, gardens, and more, to teach and inspire. Here are some of my favorites:


Individual Videos

  • Polyface Farm – farmer Joel Salatin shows that farming can be done sustainably.
  • Loess Plateau – this is a case study in how permaculture can heal our planet.
  • Paradise Lot – this urban food forest was part of my permaculture education. Jonathan Bates, co-creator, was one of my teachers.


Organic Gardening

  • Busy Bee Nursery – a family-owned business in Holden; I was in Permaculture class with one of the family members. They have organic garden amendments and controls, along with plants.
  • Planet Natural – safe, natural products for home, lawn, and garden
  • Gardens Alive! – safe, natural products for home, lawn, and garden, plus plants

Heirloom Seeds

If you buy heirloom seeds (not hybrid) you can save your own seeds for next year’s planting. These are the seed companies I use.


  • The Biggest Little Farm movie
  • The Permaculture Podcast (find it on your favorite podcast app)
  • NOFA MASS – Northeast Farming Gardening Association, Massachusetts chapter. They have educational programs and more. Good for gardeners, too.
  • Rodale Institute – 40 years of researching and education in organic gardening.
  • Sirius Community, an Eco-Village in Shutesbury, MA. This is worth a visit, to experience a different way of living. (photo below, is from there)

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