Essential Oil Sprays

This is the basic recipe for making an essential oil spray. I did not make up this recipe, however I don’t remember where I found it. The epsom salt is supposed to be an emulsifier to help blend the oil and water but you still should shake before using. See caution, below.

What is mine in this post, are the two most popular essential oil sprays I created. The ones I included are not sprayed on your skin. I have other blends that I didn’t include because they either are applied to the skin or are more complex formulations. This basic recipe is good for creating air-freshening type sprays.

Please use a colored glass bottle. This will help protect sunlight from breaking things down and the essential oils, which are strong, deteriorating the plastic. The plastic spray top will most likely break down over time, but until it does, you can keep refilling your glass bottle. Better for the environment! I recommend Vivaplex spray bottles. I’ve had trouble with other brands leaking or the sprayer malfunctioning. I found them to be hit or miss on Amazon, but as I write this the 2 oz. cobalt blue spray bottles are available.

Basic Essential Oil Spray Recipe


  • 1 tsp epsom salt
  • 15 – 25 drops essential oil(s) of choice
  • distilled water


  1. Using a small funnel, add epsom salt to container.
  2. Add essential oils of choice (15 – 25 drops total, not per oil).
  3. Fill the container with distilled water up to the base of the neck (or a little lower). I’ve found a pyrex 1-cup measuring cup with a spout to work nicely. You will have to hold the bottle up to the light to see the water level through the colored glass. Go slowly, so you don’t overfill and lose some essential oils over the edge!


Room Refresher: 12 drops each of lemongrass and lavender (this is a really great mood-enhancing blend because the lemongrass is uplifting and the lavender is relaxing).

Pillow Spray:* lavender (spray your pillow 10 minutes before bedtime)

Cautions: be careful using essential oils around children and pets. And you need to use them properly, yourself. They are highly concentrated plant material. The Tisserand Institute is a good resource for essential oil safety. As a matter of fact, according to them epsom salts are not an effective emulsifier. I have used essential oil sprays without issues but do your own research!

*Since this blend will be next to your face, start with the smaller number of drops of essential oil and see if it is enough.

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