Are you saying you are a witch?

Always the curious gal, when I hear multiple times that I would have been considered a witch in days of old, I take that as a message. I’ve always wondered what makes someone a witch, anyhow, so I decided I would get past the fear that was instilled in me by my religion of origin—especially now that I’ve stepped away from organized religion— and find some answers to this question.

So here I am. I’m documenting my research and it may become a book, or it may become a series of blog posts, or it may become both. I feel like it is at least spawning some blog posts, in my mind. From my research so far, if I do turn out to be a witch, I would be classified as a green witch. I know that is a really weird sentence to read (what do you mean if you do turn out to be a witch?) but I’m discovering witches are both NOT what I expected, and SOME of what I expected. Really, mostly they are not what I expected. The thing about witches is that they mostly follow individual practices, and they make them their own, so it is a very eclectic classification. Witches follow an earth-based spirituality, and so do I. I’ve stepped away from organized religion, but I haven’t stepped away from a Universal Life Force that people give all sorts of names and interpretations to—God, Goddess, Spirit, and more. Most witches believe that everyone should be free to follow their own path to Spirit (my choice of names, these days), that we humans are here to do no harm (including to ourselves), and that everything we put out into the world comes back to us threefold. The witches’ Golden Rule, it seems to me.

A lot of the reputation of witches was created by religious people driven by fear and the desire to control and convert people. Lies were told to followers by people in power, in the belief that it was for the greater good (or maybe they believed the lies they told). This discovery has made me beyond sad. We are living in a society that is now immersed in this kind of mentality. The desire for truth and to be truthful doesn’t seem to be a thing right now. And this gal operates with honesty and integrity (and kindness) being her guiding light. So, I am going to bring witchcraft and witches into the light. We’ll see what I find out.

Image by Nick115 from Pixabay

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