My mission, my calling

“It’s all about the plants…and our connection to them.” 

Really, it is. When I wrote the words that appear on my business cards and in the subheading for this website, they just came to me. I never struggled over them. Because they are what I believe in the deepest depths of my being. They are my mission/vision for this world. That, and for all beings to feel loved. But I believe the love will naturally happen as people connect back to the plants and the higher vibration and wellness they bring.

Interestingly, as part of a Growing Your Own Food summit, there was a talk I watched on growing your business. It spoke about crafting a mission/vision statement, only I can’t remember the word they used for that statement. But it doesn’t matter, because I realized I already have one. It’s not in as active a “voice” as the ones they were sharing – like “helping all people re-establish their connection to plants.” But, I like it the way it is and I’m not going to change it. However, that is my mission – for myself and everybody else. To re-awaken us to the plants and how important they are to our well-being – on a physical and emotional/spiritual level.

It’s interesting, as I’ve started this herbal business, it’s mostly sustaining itself, but there are so many people who aren’t really into using herbs for “medicine,” or even integrating them into their lives. Old habits die hard (and believe me, I have a lot of old habits that are struggling to live). I’ve been tempted oh-so-many-times to give up, and as I’ve been battling WordPress to get a store up and running, I literally went into this past weekend thinking I was going to have to call it quits with that. I had expected it to be done at the end of January, and I am still struggling to get it up and running. I thought, “if I’m struggling this hard, maybe it’s not meant to be.” And maybe it isn’t. But I took the weekend – with the blessing (?) of a cold and my husband being away on a golf trip – to indulge in really diving into the free Health & Wellness summit (online videos) I signed up for (different from the one mentioned above). And I came away inspired, and ready to get back to work.

  • John Robbins, who wrote Diet for a New Planet, spoke on living from integrity and your purpose.
  • I watched a documentary by Jason Vale about juicing and the power of juice to heal. It was amazing and I am committing to juicing most days, if not every day, but I will give myself grace as I form this new habit.
  • There were many talks on plant-based nutrition.
  • The importance of eating foods as connected to earth as possible – which means with the least amount of human intervention (no food labels, no pesticides, no GMOs, preparing in ways that minimizes the destruction of the life force of the plant).
  • Reinforcement (and it always breaks my heart) of how bad industrialized foods are for us. If people only knew how our food was raised – but we have given that power away to people trying to minimize costs and make money. Real food costs more! But in the long run it will save you money as you build your immune system and experience better health.
  • There were also talks about the power of belief and visualization in healing yourself. Super cool. I’m looking forward to learning more in this space. The mind-body connection.
  • And these words…”if you know you should be doing something and you aren’t doing it, you don’t really ‘know’ it.” Woah.

Like walking towards herbalism, walking away from the Standard American Diet and our prevalent food system towards an organic, plant-based diet is foreign to so many people. We have come so far from how we lived when we lived in harmony with the earth and how it sustained us before industrialization and technology. Many of us don’t even recognize that all living beings are energy, and our energies connect. My mission is this…to help people learn how to live in this society we have created AND remain connected to the earth and it’s creation. We can do this! Join me to help figure out this new way of doing life. We can be the change we seek.

It’s all about the plants…and our connection to them.

Update: My herbal business has transitioned from product sales to the sale of herbs from Dandelion Forest. I am also toying with hosting presentations by local businesses. And I will be re-upping my newsletter! Sorry for the long break!