Chicken vs. Duck Eggs

People ask me what the difference is between chicken and duck eggs.

  1. Duck eggs are bigger.
  1. The whites are clear
  1. The shells are a bit harder
  2. The ducks lay them on the ground and step on them. I have to wash them but I don’t scrub off the protective film. So their presentation isn’t as appealing. But crack that egg open and it is beautiful!

They taste the same.

(In the picture above, the egg on the right is a chicken egg – and the white didn’t stay nicely together, but the cloudy white is from the chicken egg. The rest are duck eggs.)

As far as chicken/duck keeping goes…

I am beginning to realize that ducks are easier to keep in New England. They are hardier birds and do better in the cold. When it rains, they actually stay outside to be in the showers. Ducks are messier, but they also don’t dig up gardens like chickens do. However they do eat bugs. And slugs! They are also easier to herd (which is actually pretty fun to do).

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