Mathmetical Medical Measurements

I’m actually writing this post because I will NOT retain this in my head. I do not retain anything numerical. I am a word person (like that alliteration I put right there in the title of this post).

This is some general information I found about dosage equivalents for liquid (extracts/tinctures) and powdered herbs.

First up, 1 ml and 1 cc are equivalent. I’m going to refer to ml, but you could substitute cc, if you are using a measured dropper.

Also, a drop is an approximation, as is a dropperful. But, generally:

1 dropperful = 30 drops extract = 1 softgel

1 drop = 25 mg of ground herbs = .04 ml, which means there are 20 drops per ml which is equivalent to 500 mg ground herbs

Bonus info. There are approximately 40 dropperfuls (1,200 drops) in a one ounce bottle of herbal extract.

Okay, taking out the extra words:

  • 0.4ml/drop = 25 mg powder
  • 20 drops/ml = 500 mg powder
  • 30 drops/dropperful
  • 30 drops/softgel
  • 40 dropperfuls/1 ounce bottle = 1,200 drops/1 ounce bottle